lundi 13 juin 2016

The top ten reasons to choose French-language Education at l'école élémentaire et secondaire publique L'Équinoxe

Un article adapté du blog Éducation en langue française en Ontario

It’s registration time in French-language schools in Ontario!

  • Do you want to register your child in a French-language school?
  • Do you want a French-language high school for your youth?
  • Are you looking to study in a French-language college, or a French-language or bilingual university?

Why should you choose French-language education at l'école élémentaire et secondaire publique L'Équinoxe?

10.    The impressive results of its students on provincial tests.

9.      Daycare services managed by the school and the school board.

8.      Its full-time junior and senior kindergarten offered free of charge since 1998, for children starting at age 4.

7.       Before and after school childcare services.

6.      Access to nine bilingual universities and many campuses of two colleges across the province.

  • Francophones under 34 years of age: higher graduation rate at the college and university levels.

5.      The enviable placement rate of graduates of La Cité collégiale and Collège Boréal.

  • In 2006, Francophones in Ontario earned close to $3,500 more than the total population when considering median employment income.

4.      A choice of innovative programs to meet the needs and individual interests of its clients.

  • Smaller class size, hence greater personal attention.

3.      The rich and dynamic cultural milieu. A certain “Je ne sais quoi! “

  • The Ontario curriculum is adapted to integrate and reflect the unique cultural reality of the Francophone community.

2.      Its wide variety of programs and services offered to students and their parents to maximize their success.

1.      Because it is the system that offers the highest level of bilingualism based on a study by Statistics Canada.

NO school fees will be charged for the next school year.
Plus, our school offers to all students from kindergarten to Grade 6 FREE basic school supplies related to the teaching of subjects prescribed by the Ontario curriculum. Basic school supplies include, among others: pencils, an eraser, a glue stick, scissors, a pencil case, duo-tangs and a pencil sharpener.

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